Back to music = Back home: leaving PhD and becoming a vocal trainer

This is a poster in Czech for advertising vocal training in Pils

This year is a year of changes. (But which year is not?)

In the spring I fully realized, that, due to my attention deficite disorder, I am not able to do loads of repetitive stereotypical experiments in our lab. I also realized I never want to spent my life in the laboratory environment, eventhough I love neuroscience and I love being a bit nerdy and being surrounded by nerdy people, always talking about new discoveries in brain research. There are some more and smaller things that motivated me to leave. Also I had a bad conscience that I don’t do the work with love and I am not enthusiastic enough.

While having these bad feelings during summer, I have got a chance to teach singing in the crew of Mirka Novak (her page here), the excellent singer and vocal trainer and also my friend. I couldn’t wait, it seemed to be a great solution to me, and it perfectly fitted to my previous idea to continue in musical therapy experiences, which I had been putting off long time because of lack of time in the postgrad studies.

So I did it. Now I am on the way to be a vocal trainer (or singing teacher) and musical therapist. Some weeks ago, certain words came to my mind: Music is the home for my heart. It feels like I returned to a place where I felt the best, where my life begun, and which I left for long time just to observe another interesting aspects of life.


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