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My official name is Jiřina Babická, my friends call me Silva, but all my work I create under a pseudonym Morasten (more about history of this name here)*.  The core of my music is setting poetry into songs without dependence on the only musical genre, although the feeling that is the most common for all my compositions may be called as chanson. Usually, I sing and accompany myself with piano, but also I made a project with saxophone (in Pilsen). Later in 2018, I incorporated the Mongolian igil and Turkish yayli tanbur to my performances, and I still plan to learn some other types of oriental bowed instruments and percussions.

I was born October 5th in 1987, and I remember that I was annoying for my family with loud soprano á la opera singing since my childhood. In the beginning, I took classes of classical singing under Mrs. Jana Šímová in Ústí nad Labem for 7 years (czech page of the school here), and spent most of my free time in the musical school as a member of choirs or singer of an orchestra. During this sweet time, and also later in my life, I sang with various bands for short time or as a guest.

Finally, I have decided to perform my own pieces solo in public, and my first whole concert was organized in 2012. Since then I played in various places like cafés, theaters, libraries and open-air festivals, and, besides my own concerts, in different events like poetry & literature sessions, or even in one theater play. However, I love jamming in blues, jazz, blues rock, or anything else, with different musicians. In December 2018 I became self-employed vocal teacher.

If you have some questions or if you are interested in concerts or vocal training, you can contact me also via email jirina.bab(snail)gmail.com or via message on my Facebook page. The facebook account also serves as a channel for short and quick news from my work.

*If you think I am complicated about names, don’t ask me why because I don’t know O:)

3 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Dobrý den, zajímám se o hlasovou výuku v angličtině. Můžete mě prosím kontaktovat? S pozdravem Alena Horáková


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