If you would like me to conduct a group voice workshop or training, don’t hesitate to let me know via email or my facebook page. Ideal number of people in the session is from around 5 to 15.


15th January, Flexibility of voice during singing, Prague


8th September, Zpěvomat – workshop and public performance in Tábor

25th – 30th July, vocal workshop for flamenco dancers, in Boskovice

16th June, Hlasohra – improvisation singing games in Praha


19th July, ornamental singing in modal music, the Old synagogue, Plzeň


26th – 27th October, vocal and composing workshop, 10 hours. (Three parts: Voice theory, improvisation and open individual class, creating songs in a group)

4th April, Opening voice workshop for non-singers. ZUŠ Revoluční 100, Plzeň