History of the word “morasten”

Many people asked me what does my nickname mean and sometimes they are misinterpreting it by guessing that it’s a compound of Czech words “mor a sten”, which means “plaque and groan”.
When I was around 13 years old, and not knowing about Swedish history at all, I bought one book about secret symbols and writings. Inside this book in the chapter about runic letters, I found a medieval picture of a king standing on the flat rock, on which something was written in runes. I transliterated it to Latin alphabet as M O R A S T E N, and I liked how it sounds, so simply I started to use it as a nickname on the internet, namely on the webside for the amateur poetry. Later I have used almost everywhere when creating arts until now, so during years I built some identity under this name. Thus, in the end, when I decided to take my composing seriously, it seemed that I should keep the nickname because there was some work done behind it.
And of course I searched a lot for what does “morasten” mean. I think it took almost 10 years; after some unsuccesful tries to find something or after false clues, I stopped investigating for few years. When I tried it again, there was already a webside about the sacred stones on the wikipedia:


Om konungaval. Olaus Magnus.JPG
Av Artist unknown – Olaus Magnus, De nordiska folkens historia. Stockholm 1982, Public Domain, Länk 

The secret is revealed and the story ends here. My nickname is just an echo of history and for me it is interesting that this information has later converged with my fancy for Swedish language I was fascinated with whole my life (I watched some scandinavian movies when I was a kid).

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